Working overtime increases risk of heart disease by 60 per cent!

Research published by the European Heart Journal confirms that working 10 or more hours a day increase the risk of heart disease by over 60%. Working overtime or in excess of 10 hours or more increase stress levels which in turn has psychological as well as physiological health implications, mostly resulting is mental illness and disease such as high blood pressure, heart attack, strokes and even cancers .

Establishing a clear like between work related stress and heart disease has been conscious by its absence in recent research, although many studies have suggested links between stress and disease, including heart disease. Despite reams of research linking stress with CHD, the British Heart Foundation is yet to explicitly link stress, especially work related stress with heart disease.

One reason could be that heart disease is one of the largest growing concerns in the health of both adults and particularly children with obesity, and establishing such a link would place significant financial stress on companies as well as expose the responsibility of employers to their employees.

Meditation has demonstrated itself to be a highly effective resource in reducing stress, anxiety, depression as well as preventing relapse especially in chronic depression. Work related stress has been linked with a host of mental illnesses including anxiety, depression, agitation to mention but a few.

“Mindfulness has been used in many parts of the world to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, it is important for those suffering from work related stress to know that there is help available immediately with mindfulness”, said Dav Panesar, researcher and teacher of meditation practices.


5 Minute Mindfulness – An effective structured congitive technique to enter your calming spacious awareness. (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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