World Cup Stresses

The World Cup is now in full swing in South Africa, where England started with a poor and disappointing start, although the win last night against Slovenia gave some relief to the tens of thousands of supporters.

The mood of England appears to be intrinsically linked with the ongoing performance of the England team in South Africa. The results determine the emotional state of many supporters, however, the poor performance todate and a very real possibility of England being knocked is a stressful situation for many people.

While the World-Cup provides a brief rest bite from the harsh and cutting stresses as a result of the severe budget cuts, increase in living costs, collapsing economy, pensions and the global ecological and life threatening disaster caused by BP and associated Governments , it also increases stresses levels especially when England fails to meet basic expectations of its supporters.

Stress over a period of time will inevitably lead to mental, emotional, physiological and behavioral issues. Stress has been found to cause a range of health issues anything from a simple skin rash to cancer, slight anxiety to severe depression .

Once the world-cup distraction is over, many people will awaken to a very different reality in their everyday life. This reality includes everyday concerns about the cost of living, employment, declining economy, hyperinflation and worthless paper curreny. In addition to the surreal events underway such as the oil volcano’s ongoing poisoning of the oceans beginning to poison the air across many parts of the world, increasing number of sinkholes, food shortages caused by freak weather and oil-based poison.

The impact of the changes is so profound that many people will simply not be able to cope with the stress levels, resulting in mental breakdown. It is essential individuals protect themselves and their loved one by cultivating methods to deal with their stress and anxiety levels. “Meditation offers the simplest and most effective method for managing stress, anxiety and even depression. It’s simple to learn, free, portable and non-toxic”, said Dav Panesar, researcher in meditation and health .


5 minutes mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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