Who is Qi Gong for?

There are a number of reasons why an individual might choose to start practicing qi gong, it may be for healing. Healing Qi Gong is also sometimes referred to as Medical Qi Gong or Yi Gong, it is both an illness preventative and self –healing addition to other treatments in the Chinese Medicine repertoire.

Specifically Yi Gong has been particularly useful in teaching individuals how to manage stress in order that is doesn’t lead to medical problems such as high blood pressure and anxiety. Finally, many healers or doctors practice qigong to maintain their health, stay grounded and prevent burnout.

Qi Gong is also a means of external healing also referred to as Wai Qi Zhi Liao or External Qi Healing (EQH). This is where a healer has developed a series of skills which means they are able to tap into a pool of healing energy from nature and funnel this energy through their bodies.

This practice means that the healer develops sensitivity to energy fields and are therefore able to give personalised treatments to individuals whose energy is blocked. EQH can be offered as a treatment by itself or can be combined with other forms of treatments including massage, acupuncture and body-centred psychotherapy.

Qi Gong can be used as a sport or martial art sometimes called Wu Gong, it is used to strengthen the body, improve stamina, speed, balance and flexibility. It has been used as a means of injury prevention. Research suggests that Wu Gong has been used to improve other sports skills and performance from golf to swimming to rugby and tennis.

Finally, although there are many other reasons why individuals may practice Qi Gong, the reason the links all of these together may be to expand an individual’s personal spiritual awareness and enhance their mindfulness practice.

Qi Gong originates from Buddhist and Taoist traditional practices. It has been used as a means of learning with discipline to expand self-awareness by gaining access to higher realms of universal awareness and promote a sense of oneness and inner stillness. Qi Gong from a philosophical perspective is believed to help develop human potential.

Who can benefit?

Qi Gong, by its very nature is both dynamic and gentle. It is completely adaptable to be practiced from standing or seated positions. It can be completely tailored to each individual’s strength and flexibility. It is an ideal practice for anyone who is over coming illness or recovering after injury.

Qi Gong, is a perfect way to support other complimentary therapy and can help anyone who is looking for a daily activity that can help maintain health, reduce stress and trigger the body’s parasympathetic nervous system.

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