Muscle ache and back problems

Stressed individuals will experience extreme muscle
tension particularly across the upper back between
the shoulder blades and throughout the rest of their
body, often without realising that the cause may be

This problem arises because when a person experiences
stress they will often
tense up and become ridged. This is often the physical
reflection of the ‘Freeze‘ response marked by the image
of ‘a rabbit in the headlights’. Additionally, the
day to day activities of office workers who experiance
stress more ofen than not involve sitting at a desk
in the same position for hours without stretching
or movement.

There are a number of Kundalini
techniques that have been specifically devised
to reduce back tension during times of stress, many of these can be done while sitting
at the desk
and just involve gentle movement to halt the build up of tension and reduce pain.

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