Psychosomatic and psychophysical symptoms of stress

‘Psychosomatic’refers to physical symptoms that arise as a direct result of thoughts, emotions, mental states and psychological factors.

Psychosomatic symptoms are a key element of Mind-Body
medicine. Mind-body medicine is not the same as ‘alternative’
or ‘holistic’ therapies. It is the measurable and scientifically
examined connection between the mind (thoughts and
emotions) and subsequent physiological changes within
the body.

Traditionally, psychosomatic indicators of stress would
have included back
and stress related hair
or skin problems, increased incidence of cold
and flu. is approaching stress and its
symptoms from the latest findings from the field of mind-body
medicine with the additional understandings of ancient
wisdoms and teachings from cultures that have known
for thousands of years that the mind is the root cause
of bodily changes and sensations.

It is understood that in the fast changing and stressful
lives the majority of individuals lead, there is an over-activation
of the Fight,
Freeze and Flight response
. It is this,
that is hypothesised to be causing the increased prevalence
of mental disorders such as; anxiety and depression,
but also physical conditions including hypertension (high
blood pressure), heart
and diabetes.

With this understanding in mind, it is arguable that
all physical disorders and symptoms of stress are as
a direct result of thoughts and emotions. Subsequently,
presuming a separation between mind and body is false,
treating symptoms without any adjustment or awareness
to the root cause (the mind) is, in the long term not
going to address the problem or diminish its effects.

It is for this scientific reasoning and understanding
that treatments such as mindfulness
which work
to bring awareness to thoughts and emotions have been found
to be so effective in the treatment of psychological disorders
such as anxiety,
panic attacks, depression,
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Additionally, it has been found to be an
effective treatment of physical ailments that have not previously
been attributed to mind state including diabetes, high blood
pressure, burnout and sexual dysfunction.

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