Mantra (Mantram)

Modern life favours speed, everything is faster, we are expected to do more in less time. Life has got faster and faster, just looks around, everyone and everything appears to be accelerating and to survive, it seems that we too must be also become faster in all that we do, packing more and more into the same period of time. Yet, most of us don’t even realise that we are hurrying in everything that we do. Like automated robots, with no time to detach ourselves or even examine our behaviour.

The impact of becoming faster and faster is that become insensitive to the needs of others and in time with our own needs too.

No wonder we are stressed, you are stressed, you know you are stressed, yet you don’t have any time for learning techniques or implementing stress management techniques on the job, which in turn makes you more stressed. This cyclic behaviour pattern is all to familiar.

However, despair not; frequent, silent repetition of a simple syllable (a mantram) may be the ideal strategy for you.

Mantram or as its commonly known, mantra means “to cross the mind”, “man” means mind, and “tra” means technique and also to swim across. So, mantra is a mental technique to rise above ruminating and obsessive thoughts.

Additionally, a mantram usually representation of a holy name or word with spiritual meaning that has been handed down for generations within every spiritual tradition.

Those with no religious or spiritual preferences or with aversions to spiritual traditions can choose a secular cue word such as “relax”, “peace”, “happiness” or “one”.

The purpose of mantra repetition is to produce mental clarity, calmness and transform consciousness, leading to an increased sense of personal truth and inner peace.

Advantages of silent mantra repetition are that’s its private, immediate, portable, non-toxic and easy to use.

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