Beyond diabetes: Transpersonal development and growth with Diabetes

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Course dates:

08/09/2012, 22/09/2012 and


06/09/2012, 20/09/2012 and 04/10/2012

(In order to take part in this course you must
be avaliable to attend all three dates in either series.)

Dealing with a chronic physical illness such as diabetes is coupled with having to cope with psychological and emotional changes as a result of the diagnosis. Often a diagnosis of diabetes will leave someone thinking their life as they knew it has come to an end and so attempt to re-discover who they are in light of their diagnosis. Additionally, diabetics will often be faced with emotions such as fear, resentment and anger all of which can manipulate their physical health, self-care and overall quality of life.

Definition: Transpersonal means transcending or reaching beyond the personal or individual.

Transpersonal aspects of being diagnosed with a chronic physical illness builds on the foundations of the previous 3 parts. ‘Beyond Diabetes’ – This integrated mindfulness and transpersonal based course draws on the latest research and understandings in transpersonal psychology(drawing upon the wisdom of the world’s spiritual traditions and integrating these with developments in modern psychology), emotional intelligence, compassion and acceptance therapies with mind-body medicine including yoga and qi gong. The participants undertake a powerful transformational journey exploring their worldview, identity, overcoming self-imposed limitations, discovering meaning and purpose towards a process of self-actualisation and self-realisation.

This unique course consists of 3 weekend retreats held over 6 months. Each of the 3 weekend retreats will focus on exploring, developing and supporting specific areas of individuals’ self-development process with practical guidance, interactive discussions and one to one support as appropriate.

The course will include:

  • Techniques and exercises to cultivate an understanding about the relationship between the mind (thoughts and emotions) and the body (physical health).
  • Evidence based exercises to develop self-compassion and acceptance.
  • Drawing from understandings in transpersonal psychology, an individual will be invited to explore their worldview, identity and models of self-perception.

Unlike other mindfulness courses this integrated mindfulness based course will:

  • Combine a variety of different disciplines to help an individual diagnosed with diabetes understand the process of identity formation and how a diagnosis of Diabetes may impact it.
  • Development of self awareness, self-compassion and acceptance from a variety of evidence based disciplines and therapies to specifically address the unique needs of an individual with diabetes. Encourage freedom from harmful and restricting mindsets in the pursuit of better quality of life and improved diabetes management.

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