DMM Module 1:Reducing stress, anxiety and depression

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Module 1 dates: 21/05/2012, 26/05/2012 or 11/06/2012

Caring and self-managing diabetes is stressful and is often accompanied by feelings of anxiety, worry, and fear in addition to other thought patterns which are associated with depression.

While most ‘traditional’ psychological therapies fail to validate the fundamental connection between mind (thoughts and emotions) with physical health, it is because of this precise link between mind and body that mindfulness based approaches have been so successful in treating a whole range of psychological issues from chronic depression to anxiety in cancer patients.

Founded on experiential evidence in mindfulness and other mind-body therapies, the course is the unique integration of transformative mindfulness based practices with current scientific and psychological understanding of human functioning. , This integrated mindfulness based course helps to cultivate self-awareness, acceptance and self-compassion which have been shown to benefit both physical health and diabetes management. Mindfulness based diabetes management can also help reduce the chances of ‘mental diabetes burnout’ and promote a greater quality of life for people living with diabetes.

What would a course in Mindfulness and Diabetes management include?

  • Mindfulness meditation techniques and simple exercises sets of yoga, qigong and tai chi, all of which help an individual to become aware of the mind and body connection which help reduce anxiety, stress and worry, thereby aiding the impact of having diabetes, its management and promote general wellbeing.
  • The course will provide an individual with simple daily practice and a ‘tool box’ of techniques that can be adjusted to meet personal taste and requirements in order to help alleviate stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression as well as destructive emotions such as anger, shame, denial and fear.
  • The course will promote mindful self-awareness, self-compassion, relaxation and motivation to appropriately manage diabetes for long term health and life.

This integrated mindfulness based course is specifically designed for people with diabetes; it is unlike other mindfulness courses as:

  • Provides immediate, manageable & practical impact by addressing the specific psychological impact of being diagnosed with diabetes or having diabetes, including; emotions such as anger, resentment, fear and shame; helps promote self compassion which has been shown to enhance diabetes care and potentially lower the risk of developing long term diabetes related health complications.
  • By addressing the root causes for psychological symptoms of diabetes with mindfulness based practices, will improve both management of diabetes care and general quality of life.
  • Enables an individual come to terms with their condition and prevent long term burnout while promoting both emotional and physical health and subsequently a better quality of life.

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