Re-evolution 2013 The Ultimate Self-Discovery Retreat I

About the retreat

This is the second year we have run this transformative retreat that is focused on providing you with the opportunity to reflect, re-discover and re-evaluate your life from a different perspective, identify opportunities and processes to reshape your life and sense of ‘Self’ with renewed levels of authenticity.

This engaging and transformational experience not only offers a physical rest, psychological, emotional contentment and rejuvenation, but also offers us the conditions in which to discover your authentic, expanded and connected sense of “Self”.

Who is this retreat for?

Anyone who is looking to explore their sense self, you may be at a point in your life where you are wondering – ‘Who am I?’ ‘What am I doing with my life?’ ‘What is my life’s purpose?’ If you would like to explore yourself and your place in the world this retreat is for you.

Who is the retreat run by?

The retreats are organised by the Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology (Spain), delivered across Europe and UK.

The Institute’s centre in Spain itself has a number of onsite resident experts, including researchers, specialists and practitioners of mindfulness, accupuncture, TCM, homeopathy and transpersonal psychologists.

This transformative retreat is facilitated by mindfulness teacher and Gurmat transpersonal psychology specialist Dav Panesar.

Dav has managed to integrate his education in science, consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology with his considerable experience of over 20 years as a mindfulness practitioner and a life style grounded in authenticity and holistic self-growth.

His ground breaking research in Gurmat psychology, (Psychology of the Enlightened) has managed to successfully develop life-transformative retreats and programs founded on mindfulness & compassion based approaches in individual health, well being, self-development, self-growth towards self-actualisation and self-realisation.

Dav has been organising and running retreats in Spain and UK for many years. Dav is perhaps the first mindfulness researcher and teacher to combine mindfulness and transpersonal psychology towards a more complete sense of well being and harmony with self, others, nature and beyond.

There will also be access to experts in i-ching, tai chi, homeopathic medicine and nutrition.

What can I expect from the retreat?

Guided meditation, daily gentle exercise and expert training interspersed with beautiful nature walks along flowing rivers, undiscovered caves and olive groves. The retreat is personalised and adapted to the needs of the people attending. You will be able to enjoy nutritious, local, seasonal food for the duration of your stay.

£350 (including transfers to and from Malaga airport, excludes flights)

All prices are based on a full board 4 day stay in the beautiful retreat in Alhama de Granada, Spain. Included will be your board in comfortable shared rooms, all freshly prepared regional, seasonal vegetarian food for the duration of your stay (from dinner on arrival on Thursday night through to lunch on Sunday afternoon) and the scheduled therapies (additional extras available).

Upon booking your place on this unique transformative retreat, you will receive a welcome email with the retreat timetable and details of how to get to the venue.

Retreat options

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology offer a range of therapies through their bank of practitioners, researchers and specialists in:

  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Chinese medicine
  • Massage
  • Nutrition
  • Energetic healing
  • Mindfulness based therapy
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