Transpersonal Psychology: The 7 Keys Retreat

About the retreat

This unique Transpersonal Psychology and Personal Growth retreat, uses the latest understandings of transpersonal psychology, bio-energetic exercises, kundalini yoga, meditation, dance therapy, chi kung, tai chi and Holotropic breathing. Additionally, there is an integration of ancient Chinese medicine based on the I Ching and understandings from traditions such as Sufism, Hinduism, Shamanism and therapy from indigenous traditions are all combined in a precise and exceptional manor to help explore the realms of consciousness.

Held once a month, in the perfect setting of the Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology, this course works with a specific internal energetic process for the different energy centres of the body or the 7 chakras. Individuals who attend this life changing course will be shown the 7 keys to open each of the centres and to allow themselves to feel unified and at one with themselves, gain a sense of ‘Self’ in all its entirety, to reignite the “spark” of life and end the weekend with a renewed psychological stability and physical health.

An intensive retreat that will allow the exploration of one’s inner nature through different techniques from both Eastern and Western psychology. The retreat will be a way to enable the exploration of one’s potential and facilitate both the resources and the means for internalizing harmonic sustainable practices, valid and useful for our busy day to day lives. An exploration of oneself and the connection with the seasonal changes, different correlates of yin and yang will be used as the basis for the objective evaluation of the synchronization between our personal internal rhythms and Nature.

We use hiking trails, visit caves and meditate in places dynamically surrounded by water to explore our inner-self. The retreat will draw on ancient technique of the indigenous inipi, ancient techniques from India, live guided daydreams and we will dance to the rhythm of Nature. The aim of the retreat is to find that common part that unites us and makes us to re-connect with one another, under a halo of cheerful serenity.

A privileged natural area that has all the conditions to ensure a multidimensional stillness and quiet spaces for everyone. The guaranteed privacy and secure environment of the center allows easy and simple exploration of our very being, a human being, without interference of external stresses, creating sacred and relaxing surroundings, such that the continuous flow of a river can resonating with our own internal waters.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who really wants to explore themselves and their experience of life in a totally transformational way.

Our programs are designed for anyone who wants to grow and experience their inner being, develop a since of present moment awareness regardless of religion, belief systems or life philosophy. This Personal Growth program helps to give an individual an opportunity to feel healthy, a sense of inner peace and restore their joy. In short anyone wanting to contact the essence of Nature of Being.

  • People who suffer from stress, depression, anxiety
  • People who wish to know themselves
  • People interested in expanding their knowledge in psychology particularly a New Paradigm of PsychologyBegin or advance their journey of self discovery towards purpose, power and creative expression

Testimonials from previous retreat

What an incredible change in my life, Thank you!

You have changed my life; I can now see everything in a different way. I can´t remember ever a time before in all of my life that I have felt so much peace.

Who runs the course?

The retreats are organised by the Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology (Spain), delivered across Europe and UK.

The Institute’s centre in Spain itself has a number of onsite resident experts, including researchers, specialists and practitioners of mindfulness, accupuncture, TCM, homeopathy and transpersonal psychologists.

We are privileged to have exceptional transpersonal psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist Gustavo Maya Diaz, who has extensive experience of over ten years of research and teaching, and great expertise in project management and personal growth groups, as well as being a specialist in humanistic psychology.

He is also a specialist in psychopharmacology, a pioneer therapist working with the I Ching, in line with Jung, Masters in Reiki and expert researcher and guide of the different states of consciousness.

Gustavo and his team of experts at the centre include specialist teachers of mindfulness and transpersonal psychologists, as well as acupuncturists, homeopaths, chiro-massage, naturopaths, nutritionists and music therapists.

Individuals attending this course can also take advantage of the array of services on offer including massages, acupuncture, homeopathic treatments and tailored nutritional diet help.

Our team

Ritchie Ritchie

Course location and conditions

Situated in Alhama de Granada, in a beautiful rural location, surrounded by mountains, carpeted with a variety of flowers and plants. The place is surrounded by fresh water rivers, waterfalls, caves and natural pools of clear, cool water. There are hiking trails in the mountains, a natural park. Individuals can enjoy numerous birds that inhabit the place, like the eagle, owl, cuckoo … and birds of different colours and songs.

The centre has several bedrooms rooms, treatment room, reading room and lounge with open fireplace, yoga studio, two bathrooms, and a variety of places to enjoy and relax in the fresh mountain air accompanied by the sound of water from the natural springs that surround the property.

This retreat is limited to 15 participants. The price is £350 per person which includes full board including over night stay (shared room basis), training, regional vegetarian meals for the duration of the course (dinner on Friday night to Sunday lunch) and transfers to and from Malaga airport.

There are daily flights from the UK and mainland Europe to Malaga Airport from low cost airline providers. Please book your flight so that it fits with the starting and ending times of the course, taking into account the planned airport to pick up times. Email upon booking the course for more details.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer, please contact us via phone or email, indicating your desire to attend the course before transferring any money, upon reserving a place you will be given an ID number to use when making the payment.

For further inquiries, please contact the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology Mindfulness by the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0034 685 509 419

Upon booking your place on this unique transformative retreat, you will receive a welcome email with the retreat timetable and details of how to get to the venue.

Retreat options

The Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology offer a range of therapies through their bank of practitioners, researchers and specialists in:

  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Chinese medicine
  • Massage
  • Nutrition
  • Energetic healing
  • Mindfulness based therapy

Driving Directions

Arriving at Alhama from Granada, Pass through Alhama and continue towards Loja, go over one roundabout and take the second exit off the roundabout (signposted Loja), you will come to a second roundabout. Take the second exit, towards Velez Malaga, and follow this road for about 3 miles or so, Turn left onto the road signposted Arenas del Rey / A-4150 continue on this road for about 2 miles.

You will pass a reservoir on your right, hospice called “The Ventorro” and a restaurant called “El Pato Loco”. Just past the restaurant, take the right hand turning. (onto a dirt road). Continue on this road for about 3 miles, until it passes through the middle of a forest of poplars on either side of the road. Just past the forest of poplars there will be a turning on your right signposted “Mindfulness” you have found us, follow the road around up to the property.

Hope to see you at the Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology soon!

Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology Institute

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