Womens’ Retreat with Obsidian and Kundalini Yoga

About the retreat

This retreat is intended to provide release from negative behavioural patterns and negative emotions which may have manifested on a physical level, as cysts, tumours, fibroids, endometriosis, digestion and weight management problems. And on an emotional level, as fear, possessiveness, jealousy, lack of trust, sadness and depression.

All negative emotions and behaviours affect our health, moods and general wellbeing adversely.

Obsidian is a type of volcanic rock. It forms when volcanic lava comes into contact with water, cooling it very quickly into a shiny stone. Black Obsidian stimulates growth on all levels, bringing about mental clarity. It is an extremely powerful and fast acting stone which enables the release of emotions, such as, hatred, anger and sadness, which cloud our minds and hearts.

Obsidian absorbs any dense energy in our sexual organs which may have manifested as tumours, endometriosis, cysts, painful and unsatisfied sexual relationships.

Obsidian is associated with our base chakra, the mulhadhara. This chakra is responsible for our feelings of security and survival; it facilitates the elimination of waste and toxins from our bodies and mind. When this chakra is in balance we have a healthy self-image, feel grounded, secure, stable and have healthy relationships; we are able to let go of the past or what is no longer working in our lives.

An unbalanced base chakra manifests as paranoia, insecurity, fear, jealousy, possessiveness and holding onto unhealthy thoughts and feelings, living in the past, digestive and weight problems and feeling as though life is a burden.

Kundalini yoga, known as the mother of all yogas, due to it’s completeness of practice is a potent form of yoga which facilitates self-transformation and healing through the practice of breathing (pranayama), yoga sequences (asanas), sound (naad) and meditation.

The kundalini is the untapped energy store which resides at the base of the spine. This energy when awakened travels upwards through the chakras clearing blockages of stagnant energy and returning the mind, body and spirit back to being healthy.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for women who want to let go of what is no longer working in their lives and move into a more positive and healthy way of living. In particular, women who suffer from cysts, tumours, fibroids, endometriosis, period pain, digestive problems, obesity, eating disorders, sexual abuse, traumatic relationships, stress, depression and anxiety.

It is for those women who feel that negative emotions and behaviours may be preventing them from living the life they desire. It is for women who want to improve the quality of their lives with better health, vitality and energy. Moreover this course is for women who want to break free of the mental prison which is preventing them from living a joyful life.

Programme content

The contents of this programme are based on ancient marvels of the world, such as, traditional Chinese medicine, Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda (ancient healing system from India), traditional healing techniques of the Cherokee Indian community of America, along with the most current and innovative research in natural therapies, such as, quantum vibration therapy.

We will use the ancestrial technique of Kundalini Yoga with Obsidian therapy to unblock and release our chakras and liberate any emotions and traumatic pain which is blocking them, clearing the energy centres of our body.

The retreat will also include the following:

  • Detoxification of the mind and body
  • Delicious cuisine and simple dishes to prepare
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Guided meditations
  • Massage
  • Walking through the National Park and visits to caves and waterfalls
  • Techniques of Native American traditions
  • Therapy with tuning forks for quantum vibration therapy
  • Songs, music and a journey of self-discovery
  • Exercises of Qi Gong and Tai Qi

Who is the course run by?

Angie Diaz Mansilla

The course will be led by Angie, who is a pharmacist, homeopathic doctor, acupuncturist, macrobiotic nutritionist, sound vibration therapist and Jin No Jyutsu practitioner of Qi Kung and Tai Chi.

Dr. Angie Diaz Mansilla has extensive experience having worked in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and her own private practice. She has travelled to countries including India, Mexico and the United States, where she has learnt and from numerous ancient traditions and cultures their uses of medicinal plants and food as a form of preventive health maintenance and cure.

Anaya Janjuha

Anaya is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Diet & Lifestyle Consultant and Reiki & Quantum Touch Healer.

Anaya has studied at the Karam Kriya School and Ayurveda Pura in London and Portugal.

She is a member of Kundalini Research Institute, Complementary Medicine and Ayurvedic Practitioners Associations. She has also spent many years studying with the Essence Foundation and the Landmark Institute, London.

Course location and conditions

Situated in Alhama de Granada, in a beautiful rural location, surrounded by mountains, carpeted with a variety of flowers and plants. The place is surrounded by fresh water rivers, waterfalls, caves and natural pools of clear, cool water. There are hiking trails in the mountains, a natural park. Individuals can enjoy numerous birds that inhabit the place, like the eagle, owl, cuckoo … and birds of different colours and songs.

The centre has several bedrooms rooms, treatment room, reading room and lounge with open fireplace, yoga studio, two bathrooms, and a variety of places to enjoy and relax in the fresh mountain air accompanied by the sound of water from the natural springs that surround the property.

This retreat is limited to 12 participants. The price is £350 per person which includes full board including over night stay (shared room basis), training, regional vegetarian meals for the duration of the course.

There are daily flights from the UK and mainland Europe to Malaga Airport from low cost airline providers. Please book your flight so that it fits with the starting and ending times of the course, taking into account the planned airport to pick up times.

Email info@stressmanagement.co.uk upon booking the course for more details.

Payment is accepted by bank transfer, please contact us via phone or email, indicating your desire to attend the course before transferring any money, upon reserving a place you will be given an ID number to use when making the payment.

Upon booking your place on this unique transformative retreat, you will receive a welcome email with the retreat timetable and details of how to get to the venue.

Driving Directions

Arriving at Alhama from Granada, Pass through Alhama and continue towards Loja, go over one roundabout and take the second exit off the roundabout (signposted Loja), you will come to a second roundabout. Take the second exit, towards Velez Malaga, and follow this road for about 3 miles or so, Turn left onto the road signposted Arenas del Rey / A-4150 continue on this road for about 2 miles.

You will pass a reservoir on your right, hospice called “The Ventorro” and a restaurant called “El Pato Loco”. Just past the restaurant, take the right hand turning. (onto a dirt road). Continue on this road for about 3 miles, until it passes through the middle of a forest of poplars on either side of the road. Just past the forest of poplars there will be a turning on your right signposted “Mindfulness” you have found us, follow the road around up to the property.

Hope to see you at the Institute of Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology soon!

Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology Institute

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