Warnings issued over bikram hot yoga

Despite its soaring popularity, health warnings have been issued to those who practise bikram hot yoga.

According to 9news, Consumer Reports has advised caution to those who enjoy the spiritual practice in conditions of 105 degrees F and 40 per cent humidity.

Bikram hot yoga practitioners say the high temperature and humidity promote health. One studio owner Rich Pike was quoted as saying: “Heat allows you to bend safely and be more flexible. What the sweating does is it eliminates toxins through your sweat.”

However, Consumer Reports is telling fans of hot yoga – which include Lady Gaga and Madonna – to watch out for warning signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. These include feeling lightheaded or dizzy, or experiencing nausea or muscle cramps.

While the heat may allow you to stretch further, it could have an adverse effect by causing you to overstretch – leading to possible joint or muscle damage.

It advises advocates of the activity to always drink plenty of water and stop partaking in the practice if they feel pain or heat exhaustion. It also recommends bringing personal mat and towels, and covering any cuts or scrapes with an adhesive bandage.

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