Work place stress linked to increased heart disease risk

Researchers at University College London conducted a meta-analysis examining the outcomes of over 13 studies from across Europe which equated to more than 200,000 individuals. It was reported that work place stress or ‘job strain’ is linked to a 23 percent increase of heart attacks as well as deaths from coronary heart disease.

It was reported the link between stress at work and subsequent heart health was so for workers from any profession; however, it was found that lower skilled workers were more likely to get stressed. For example, an individual working on a factory production line would be more likely to suffer from stress than a doctor.

In response to the research the British Heart Foundation have reportedly commented that it is how an individual responds to stress that is fundamental in determining how their heart will be affected.

Other research has highlighted other ways that stress can impact physical and mental health. For example stress has been linked to hair loss, memory problems, decision making ability, the immune system and diabetes.

Mindfulness has been shown to change how individuals relate to negative life events and the pressures and strains of a job such as lack of job control, difficult co-workers and low pay. It is a non-toxic means of reducing the impact of stress on health and wellbeing while also increasing quality of life. offer mindfulness courses run by expert mindfulness teacher and Transpersonal Psychologist Dav Panesar.

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