Warning online Smart Drugs can kill

In an electronic age where it is possible to by almost anything on the internet, doctors are warning about the dangers of buying so called ‘Smart Drugs’ that claim to boost intelligence, concentration and memory .

In a report called Human Enhancement Drugs – The Emerging Challenges to Public Health, medication such as Ritalin which is prescribed to treat the behavioural disorder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are being bought online to boost concentration and performance.

The report suggested that smart drug users are not traditional recreational drug takers; rather it has been shown that they are people who believe they can positively enhance their lives and encourage desirable characteristics with no impact on their health.

Doctors have been warning that engaging in this sort of the products could have serious side effects including allergic reactions, liver damage, brain damage, heart problems and in extreme cases even death.

The authors of the research reported that buying ADHD medication is only part of a wider problem. Individuals are sourcing drugs often labelled as herbal or natural remedies to halt the aging process, manage and loose weight, enhance sexual performance, boost energy levels all without knowing the dangers and legalities of buying and taking such drugs.

There other means of boosting attention, productivity and brain power aside, Kundalini Yoga has been found to improve clarity of mind , enhance decision making processes and lower stress levels.

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