How to become mindful

To know the present moment mean that we need to “disengage” from this constant mental and emotional noise so we can experience that which is and to do that, one time tested method is to utilise something right under our nose, our breath.

From the moment of our birth we start breathing to the very moment of our death. In sickness, in health, in sleep, in wakefulness, in success, in failure, in happiness, in sadness, in youth, in old age, breathing is a constant phenomenon.

Breathing is a continuous flow, and if we were to forget to breathe, we would simply be no more. This is why we are not “required” to breathe, in sleep, when we are unconscious breathing continues, life and breath are synonymous, the mechanism of life is breathing.

Our life is our breath, yet we are normally only aware of our breathing when we are in difficultly such as being out of breath or choking.

Ancient Wisdom traditions acutely understood that breathing is connected with our minds, our spirit and life force.

Our breathing is affected by our minds and the reverse is also, true, we can change our state to mind by paying attention to our breathing. For example, when we get excited or frightened our biology changes, our breathing becomes faster, however when we are relaxed, our breathing becomes slower and deeper.

The breath can become our constant companion in the cultivation of present moment awareness.