Understanding Depression

What is depression?

A diagnosis of depression, according to the DSM-IV, is given to a person who may have; a permanent

Who gets depression?

People respond differently to different types and levels of adversity. A life event or situation that may lead to

Causes of depression

Sometimes a diagnosis of depression is triggered by a negative life event or series of events, for example

Changes in brain structure and function

There is some scientific research that has found changes in brain structure and function in individuals with depression.

Classifications of depression

The first episode of depression is known as a single episode, subsequent episodes are termed recurrent.

Common types of depression

When a diagnosis of depression or clinical depression is made, it is generally referring to major depressive disorder.

Depression in Men

when a man is suffering from depression, they may feel that asking for help or being dependent on another even for a short time is a sign of weakness or failure.

Depression in Women

The National Mental Health Association reports that as many as one in every eight women will experience at least one episode of clinical depression at some point in


Scientific investigation has reported that it is possible to inherit an underlying susceptibility to depression. This means that there could be a particular gene

Prescription medication

Upon presenting a general practitioner (GP) with symptoms of depression, indicating that they are having a significant effect on day to day activities and have been present for a minimum of two weeks.