Spanish Retreats

Welcome to our Spanish Retreats homepage. We are offering
you the chance to exchange the
stresses and strains of everyday life and immerse and
reconnect with yourself in the tranquil surroundings
of the beautiful Spanish countryside.

What it’s about has teamed up with the Centre
of Alchemy and consciousness to provide an array
of retreats from Women’s only Kundalini Yoga retreats
to Permaculture Courses and Mindfulness Weekends.

Please have a look at the video which shows the
lush surroundings of the retreat high up in the
Montains approximately an hours drive from Granada.

Upcoming Events

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Spanish Events Calendar

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Bespoke Events/Retreats

We have the opportunity to develop bespoke events
and retreats in the beautiful suffoundings of Granada,
whether you are looking for a corporate retreat specifically
meeting the needs of your business or a unique holistic
experiance for a family or group holiday, please email to discuss availability
and options.