Video Games Help People Cope with Stress

Everyone has their own methods of coping with stress. Some rely on physical activity, others may use crafting as their mental escape. Video games are proving to be an effective method of managing stress, especially for young people.

Relief From Stress

It makes sense that video games would reduce stress. Video games allows users to escape into a different world and preoccupies the brain. As a result, gamers can momentarily forget about the causes of their stress as they are focused on what they are playing. When fully immersed in the game, players are essentially invested in a fantasy realm where their causes of stress don’t exist.

Researchers completed a survey where 1,000 participants were asked about their gaming habits. Approximately 55% admitted that they played video games because it helped them relax and relieve stress. Another 47% though that playing video games gave them a more positive outlook of their lives and gave them a sense of escapism.

A Way to Socialise

It also emerged from the study that participants thought that video games were a good way to socialise. Three in five of those surveyed often played with friends or established groups to play with on a regular basis. Here, gaming was the main social outlet with 60% of participants considered gaming a main component of their social lives.

In these cases, the positive interaction with friends greatly benefited their mental health. Additionally, the average gamer had made at least three friends through gaming. This was through playing in groups, expanding into the surrounding gaming community or meeting people through online gaming forums.

Achievement and Skills Development

The study also found that a third of gamers played simply for the sense of achievement when they won. This is understandable, as there is a rush when completing a level or a task – particularly if it is difficult.

According to some participants, playing video games has enabled them to develop key skills. One fifth have stated that their problem-solving abilities have greatly improved, allowing them to tackle stressful situations with much more ease.

Video games are a good way to aid stress. As well as offering some escapism from stress, video games also creates strong friendships with others who share the same interests. As a result, players have a supportive network whilst doing something that they enjoy.

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