Do our bodies react differently to justified anger or stress

No matter what our reasons may be for being stressed our bodies react exactly in the same way whether there is a “good” or “bad” reason for being stressed. Our bodies are indifferent to the reasons for being stressed, even if there is perfectly justified reason in being stressed and feeling angry.

Our bodies don’t care why we feel stressed, the consequences of stress and its associated symptoms such as anger are just as destructive whether our reason for feeling angry is justified or not. There is no morality of stress.

When we feel anger, our nervous system is kicked into a state of alarm, adrenaline is flushed into our blood system as a natural reaction to the feeling of stress or anger. We have become so familiar with our justified stress reactions that we are simply unaware when we slip into the damaging states brought on about by stress, such as anger etc therefore unaware of the consequences of these destructive biological and psychological states.

Practice makes everything prefect, the more we “practice” being stressed or angry, the better (experience the same feelings quicker) we become at feeling such emotions. Our awareness diminishes to such an extend that we become totally unaware of any harm these stressful states are doing to us or those around us.

Since research has now clearly demonstrated that repressing emotions is harmful to our health, for example, suppression of emotional distress has been linked to the onset of cancer, or repressing anger places people at higher risk heart disease . Like wise, “letting it all out”, as an out burst of anger has also been shown to harm our health and may even be more dangerous than simply fuming within. Psychologists have discovered that reliving angry or hurtful feelings doesn’t actually reduce or remove them, but on the contrary reinforces the emotional patterns in our neural networks.

Meditation helps us dissolve emotional energy, resulting in coherence state of our heart rate, unlike when we experience anger which produces a jerky and random incoherent heart rate patterns.


Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Victim to Creator (by Dav Panesar)

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