Phones and computers affect sleeping patterns of children

Children suffer anxiety and perform worse at school if they have mobile phones, computers or game consoles in their bedrooms, a new study has revealed.

Researchers have said that by having technological products in a child’s bedroom, they start to associate the room with entertainment and activity instead of rest and sleep. If a child is playing a violent video game on a regular basis, this will programme the brain to be on edge and expectant of danger.

This study, which enlisted 32 children aged between eight and 12 who slept for almost nine hours a night on average, also found that bringing bedtime forward by just one hour proved to be a way to manage stress and anxiety. This change in routine made children calmer and better able to concentrate.

Psychologist Dr Jennifer Vriend, of Dalhousie University in Canada, said: “Many teenagers sleep with their phones and they are awakened regularly by it ringing or vibrating throughout the night when they get a text, email or Facebook message.

“Adequate sleep leads to better emotional stability, more positive mood and improved attention.” she added.

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