NHS credit crunch phoneline fails to address cause of stress

The NHS is setting up a “credit-crunch” phoneline to assist people deal with money or debt stress as a result of the recession, or should it now be a depression . People calling the line will be provided with mental health advice as well as practical help and information about housing, employment and debt .

Surprising the NHS still appears still to consider that the population of the UK is under the impact of a credit crunch, as opposed to what is really going on, i.e. the world is now firmly entering a depression, let alone a recession and a million miles away from a “credit crunch”.

Stress is a perceived demand to an external stressor, in this case it could be finding a job, worried about losing a job, concerns about paying bills, mortgage or school uniforms for children etc. Since stress is a mental state of being, it is important if not crucial that the source of stress if dealt with, rather than just a “plaster approach”. Individuals stressed require appropriate mental health support, advice, guidance and treatment. The “credit crunch” phoneline may provide debt advice, which may assist in reducing some level of anxiety, however, it would be essential for individuals to understand the nature of their mental state and be provided with effective non-drug based treatment to reduce and manage stress.

Meditation has demonstrated itself to be highly effective, non-toxic, easy to learn and far more effective and less harmful than the psychotropic drugs that are so liberally handed out.

The NHS appears to be reflecting the same misinformation most of the world has been fed since 2007 by the so called “experts”, bankers and politicians, who failed to recognise the world has entered into a depression now, are still trying to fool the public with happy talk of green shoots, recovery, getting the public into panic mode so they can be administered untested drugs.

Just as one would allow pond water to settle before we can look into the bottom of the pond, meditation helps us recognise and then interrupt our minds of unhealthy repetitive patterns of thoughts that lead to stress, anger, jealousy and other destructive emotions.


Symran (by Dav Panesar)

Mindfulness (by Dav Panesar)

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